Thursday, June 5, 2008

Megafauna Monday, week 4

On Thursday? Well what are you complaining about? Nobody reads this thing anyway!

Days: 7
Moose: 14
Black Bear: 0
Grizzly Bear: 1
Caribou: 0
Dall Sheep: 0
Porcupine: 6

Running Totals:

Days: 28
Moose: 53
Black Bear: 1
Grizzly Bear: 1
Caribou: 124
Dall Sheep: 8
Porcupine: 10

Total Points: Um, I'll add them up next week.


Kitty said...

I read it. Keep it up. Alaska looks beautiful!

jeremy said...

That does it. If keeping track of wildlife is anything like keeping a budget, you need Excel to help you out. Expect an email from me soon.

And your points don't add up anyhow.

Michelle 2021 said...

That's a lot of caribou. If I've learned anything from Dwight, it's that bears eat beets and that bear attacks occur when you least expect it. So always expect them.

Tracy said...

Hahaha what a funny joke, TR's acting like he thinks nobody reads his adventures. Oh that guy.

T.R. said...

it worked! you guys commented!