Friday, June 6, 2008

FAQs Page #1

You asked for it, and here it is. Sam McGee Is Dead's very own Frequently Asked Questions Page!

Q. The only reason I would go to Alaska is to shoot a bear in the face. When do you get to do that?
A. Well, I don't have a gun. And I hardly ever see bears. And when I do they run away. And even if I could, it's illegal UNLESS it's in self-defense. So I guess all I have to do is borrow Bug's handgun, sneak up and give a bear an atomic wedgie, then run, then when the bear is chasing me, turn and shoot, realize that a handgun isn't strong enough to kill a bear, then die.

Q. Being that far North, is the North Star straight overhead?
A. Probably, but there are no stars here because there is no night.

Q. Have you ever heard that Johnny Cash song "North to Alaska"?
A. Yes I have. But it's actually Johnny Horton.

Q. Oh. It's cool, huh?
A. Yes.

Q. My Dad used to listen to that song.
A. Cool.

Q. Yeah. Cool.
A. Yeah.

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Michelle 2021 said...

Q. Who is Sam McGee, and how did he die?