Monday, June 9, 2008

Megafauna Monday, Week 5

Points have been restructured. For one thing, although they get to be up to 25 pounds up here, porcupines still don't qualify as megafauna, which is defined as an animal weighing over 40kg according to the most liberal allowances. An adult bull Arctic Yukon moose can weigh up to 800kg. Now that's megafauna! New point structure:

Moose: 10 points
Black Bear: 20 points
Grizzly Bear: 25 points
Dall Sheep: 10 points
Caribou: 10 points per herd, plus one point per caribou.
Musk Ox: 30 points
Gray Wolf*: 30 points

Bonus Animals (Rare and/or interesting but not big enough to be megafauna, 5 points each):

Arctic Fox, Canadian Lynx, Great Horned Owl, Porcupine, Pine Marten, Red Fox, Wolverine

Days: 7
Moose: 6
Black Bear: 0
Grizzly Bear: 0
Caribou: 6
Dall Sheep: 10
Musk Ox: 0
Gray Wolf: 0

Bonus Animals:

Great Horned Owl: 1
Porcupine: 2

Running Totals:

Days: 35
Moose: 59
Black Bear: 1
Grizzly Bear: 1
Caribou: 130
Dall Sheep: 18
Musk Ox: 0
Gray Wolf: 0

Bonus Animals:

Great Horned Owl: 1
Porcupine: 12
Red Fox: 1

Total Points:

As it works out, this greatly increases my score. Feel free to adjust my arbitrarily set goals y'all chose for me.

*I have learned that a wolf that lives in the arctic is not necessarily an "Arctic Wolf".


Tracy said...


Please, please, tame that fox.

stressed=desserts said...

Hmmm, I think double my original score would be good, so 5000. How on earth do you count all the Caribou? Oh, & please check your gmail. An owl, huh, too neat!