Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Updates for all your friends

So I guess I should update once in a while.

BORIS is getting anxious; he hurt his foot and it has been stormy, both of which have kept him from exploring as much as he wants to.

MIDNIGHT is realizing how tedious his job can be, so he has been putting more effort into budgeting his time off.

THE GHOST OF JACK LONDON and BUG have been spending lots of time in the Visitors Center watching DVDs, grilling the rangers, and memorizing dates and facts.

And I, TR, have been getting over a cold. I'm done with the feeling sick and miserable phase and have spent the last four days or so in the "I feel fine but where on earth is all of this mucous coming from?" phase. It's obscene.

Also, when will summer start? Our high today is 45 degrees. Come on. They said it gets up to 80 here. I guess we'll see.

Well at least I'm enjoying the work. I have the best job of anyone here, that's for sure. Sometimes I even get tips. Hurrah.

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Creativity Escapes Me said...

So what exactly do you do for work besides score imaginary points when you see bears? It seems that finding animals to gain points is a full time job.