Sunday, May 18, 2008

Megafauna Monday, week 2

Days: 7
Moose: 11
Black Bear: 0
Grizzly Bear: 0
Caribou: 124
Dall Sheep: 8
Porcupine: 2

Running Totals:

Days: 14
Moose: 17
Black Bear: 1
Grizzly Bear: 0
Caribou: 124
Dall Sheep: 8
Porcupine: 1

So here is how Megafauna Monday will work from now on.

Moose: 5 points
Black Bear: 10 points
Grizzly Bear: 15 points
Caribou: 1 point
Dall Sheep: 10 points
Porcupine: 5 points

Bonus Animals:
Musk Ox: 30 points
Arctic Wolf: 30 points

Current score: 238

What should be my goal score for September 30?


Heather Lyon said...
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Heather Lyon said...

Sorry, had to read your blog, you're too funny!

2500 points! Sounds like you're having a blast!

And BTW, thanks for letting Lowell do his little interview!

eped said...

great heavenly hash! I can't believe you're seeing so many caribou. dall sheep, musk ox and arctic wolves- all things I've never seen.

3 weeks in Costa Rica and not one sloth. but lots of monkeys, iguanas, lizards, frogs, snakes. one pizote and one tolomuco though, so that was pretty cool.