Thursday, May 8, 2008

Silly Alaska!

Alright, GEEZ! I'll update. Gosh, you guys. So much adventure for just one person to blog about. Here is some background info though: Anchorage looks a lot like Salt Lake, at least from the airport. Too bad I took the photo with no memory card, or you would see for yourself below.
But hey! I got to Fairbanks and checked into this place.

It's called "Billie's Bed and Breakfast", but only the first half of that name is accurate.

So you know that sickening feeling you get when you realize you've forgotten something vitally important to a long trip that you've just left on? Imagine how I felt when I realized that I left home without a set of tarot cards! (Yeah, I know.)

Now imagine my relief when I found a set at the Yukon River Lodge.

Also, I made it to the Arctic Circle. (In Alaska, this has nothing to do with Burgers or shakes, which is too bad.)

This was taken at 2:00 am. Duh, Alaska. It's supposed to be dark at 2:00 am!

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Tracy said...

The best news is now you can tell fortunes in six languages. You'll be an international sensation!