Saturday, July 19, 2008

To Atone for my Truancy

Well I'm sorry that I am not painting a better (or at least more consistent) picture of Coldfoot for you. You know how it is. Maybe. But one person's picture is always incomplete anyway. I don't really paint, but whenever I draw pictures I tend to focus more on shapes than on light or on proportions (this is another way of saying that I am a lousy artist). So you're always better off looking at several different pictures anyway. I mean, isn't it the disagreement between our two eyes that gives us depth? Both pictures are different but both are accurate.

Wait! Don't go to sleep, I'm getting to the point of this post. Here are two other blogs kept by my coworkers here.

Maxwell Vincent Crabb tells of his merry exploits as a cook in the kitchen.
"Of course, I do have mosquito netting, but I took it down, as Courtney kept referring to it as 'Princess canopy'."

Kari Rasmussen has a blog as well, with a very clever title.
"The lack of darkness feels like it is one long day with naps, work, and hiking at any time you please."

Also notice that they need to update even more than I do! And in case you missed it, a fellow named Travis came through Coldfoot recently, and gave us all a shout out on his travel blog. There's photos of the Dalton Highway, the Pipeline, the man himself crossing the Arctic Circle, and one of me straining against the wind, just a few days before cutting off my hair. What a grand day out that was.

Yeah, sorry, I cut off my hair.

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