Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Not a City in China

A friend and I were discussing different questions we sometimes get asked while guiding, and one that has come up for me several times is "How much do you get paid?"
Now that's a question you normally would hesitate to even ask a close friend, let alone a stranger. So we decided that a bold question deserves a bold answer.
"It's a moderate hourly wage, plus room and board, plus tips. It's a great way to save money because there is nowhere up here for me to spend it."
Well, maybe they were planning on tipping anyway, but now I've reminded them just in case they forgot. The last guy who asked how much I make ended up handing me a $10 bill just moments later as he got on his airplane. Now I don't mind when people ask anymore.


Anonymous said...

On a whim I simply Googled "Coldfoot T.R." and found your blog. It's been over a week, but I rode shotgun with you on the Brooks Range Expedition on your birthday+1. Happy Birthday!
Thanks again for the factoids and the stories along the drive (Sep and the bear, unicycler, etc.). I enjoyed finding those same anecdotes among your previous entries, not to mention a little more insight into the costume party! :) I think I even recognize Tess in red in one of the dance shots.
Well, if you want pictorial evidence of your hard work that day rowing against the wind, here's the link to my writeup for that day.

Also, I'm with you on the "awesomeness" of ninjas. I once hosted a ninja birthday party in college, though the only prerequisite for entry was to wear all black or all white. I don't remember anyone wearing only underwear though. :)

Enjoy your Arctic "adventure",

Laverna said...

That's a fabulous solution for those struggling with debt. Send 'em up to Alaska until they've worked it off.
Or get eaten by a bear.
Or go crazy.

T.R. said...

Hey Travis! Wow, I didn't know the world was watching. I enjoyed the writeup and want you to know that the river has risen again, so last night's trip was nice and easy. I will always remember that windy day though. As I recall, It was nice and sunny otherwise, and didn't we see a moose from the raft?
I hope the rest of your trip went well.
Also it looks like you got to see lots more animals the next day on your trip. Happy trails to you, and have lots of adventures (the good kind)!