Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Gold Nuggets, The Animals are Back, and One Epic Jouney

Q: How big is the gold nugget you found.
A: To the untrained contiguous-state eye, it doesn't look very big. But the more bits of Gold I find here the bigger it looks. I'll post a photo sometime.

The animals are back! These last two weeks I have seen: One black bear, one grizzly bear, about thirty dall sheep, about fifty muskoxen, four artic foxes, thirty-eight caribou, three moose, a wolf, and a polar bear! (Yeah, I know.) Spreadsheet and revised score forthcoming...

I have found the secret to seeing all these animals: go North. I hitchhiked to the Arctic Ocean this weekend (and back) and met many colorful people (that means some really cool and some really crazy people) and many misadventures. Can't wait to give you the full version. Here's a teaser: some of the best conspiracy theories I have ever heard were from a trucker I met on Saturday.

Also on their way: lots more photos!

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